Lorenzo is co-founder and resident artist at HEX.

Born in Italy and raised between his homeland and Spain, Lorenzo felt the first attraction to rhythms in young age. When he was 12yo, he started testing some hip-hop drums with old drum machines and the groove coming out from them, was a big new world to discover for him.

After some years of simply testing and messing around with those black sounds he went for the first time to an electronic event in Venice. That ambient and that energy became immediately part of him. At that time (2007) Italy was experiencing the big wave of progressive music and was quite shocking the change from the style he was use to elaborate. Excited and curious to discover this new style he started following the main artists of that era, getting in their studios, asking and learning how to produce those digital sounds. But Lorenzo at that time, even enjoying the parties couldn’t find the right frequency he liked and for some years he just kept dancing without being part of the engine which moves the nightlife world.

A massive stimulation arrived when he decided to move in Barcelona (2011).

He bought a basic dj set up and he started to practice. Every single night of the week was spent at home playing, and the weekends were time to go out and learn from the bigs. After a few months Lorenzo decided to test his skills on a proper dance floor with real people in front, ready to judge. So, he went to the widely known Macarena Club and the owner decided to give him a possibility. A few weeks later it was the night, Lorenzo started with his characteristic dark and strong style, and after a few tracks the small dance floor of the club was already on fire. People immediately started to enjoy this new proposal and he understood there was a space for him in Barcelona.

That night, at the end of his set, a guy that was dancing during all the night got closer to him, just to congrats for the great set. That guy, italian too and called Paolo, was who today is the actual second half of HEX Barcelona, the closest friend and business partner of Lorenzo. That night at Macarena was not only the first professional gig of Lorenzo but also the beginning of a new revolutionary Techno movement.

From that moment and until today Lorenzo has been working non-stop on proposing a new vision of Techno experience, by collaborating only with the best artists in music, photography, visuals, art, design who perfectly fit with the concept of the brand.

During his gigs in Barcelona and around Europe, he played next to the biggest worldwide Techno artists, always maintaining his extremely defined fast dark Techno sound.