Born in Italy and raised between his homeland and Spain, Lorenzo felt the first attraction to rhythms in young age. When he was 12yo, he started testing some hip-hop drums with old drum machines. The speed made not by just high bpm but by percussions’ groove was fascinating him every day more.

After some years of simply testing and messing around with those black sounds he went for the first time to a Techno party in Venice. That ambient and that energy became immediately part of him. At that time (2007) Italy was experiencing the big wave of trance music and was quite shocking the change from the style he was use to elaborate. Excited and curious to discover this new style he started following the main artists of that era, getting in their studios, asking and learning how to produce those digital vibrations. But Lorenzo at that time, even enjoying the parties couldn’t find the right frequency he liked and for some years he just kept dancing without be part of the engine which moves the nightlife world.

Finally, a massive stimulation arrived when he decided to move in Barcelona (2011). Arrived there alone and with no contacts, there were no possibilities for him to play in a good club but this did not stop him from start visiting them and get the essence of the underground scene downtown. After some months he met Julien, a french Techno music lover with many values in common with him.

They decided to start playing together as duo “Recanism”, proposing their vision of minimal groovy techno which they called techno-tech.

Things started moving in the right direction, some important clubs called them like Macarena, Mac Arena Mar, Tag club and some collaborations with labels as Moan, and Phobiq became reality. The duo was travelling between Italy, Spain, France and Ibiza, and the good feedbacks from audience and clubs owner were coming often. At that point and with the collaboration of the italian artist and producer Pøli they created DOOM, one of the most underground private parties in Barcelona. The essence of the party was made by not famous djs, family feelings, secret location, private space (never a club), dark image, no photos allowed and really underground music. Online magazines and people got crazy about it, they wanted to see what was happening over there but most of the time they were not allowed to it because always quickly sold out.

Suddenly the owners of Under Club appeared offering to host the party in their club. Recanism and Pøli were amazed by the idea of a 1.5k people club only for them but they stopped and thought properly about the essence of DOOM.

After some internal discussion they decided to preserve the identity of the party keeping it far from clubs and they created another related brand, which is HEX Barcelona.

With the ok of the club, HEX Barcelona started a weekly residency in the room 2. Every week was sold out, the small room was filled with 400 incredibly stylish people, all wearing black and loving the dark vibes proposed by the brand. Three months later Under Club proposed to the guys to organize an HEX showcase in the whole club, for 1.5k people and the result was even better than expected. With the guests Sasha Carassi, Artslaves and Reelow, Recanism and Pøli confirmed they were going in the right direction – and people just loved it.

Playing in front of so many people and often with closing set times, Lorenzo started feeling the need of a musical variation. He wanted to push a bit more, preserving the groove but with stronger drums, and minimal music suddenly became not enough. This need of change was coming only from one side of the duo and the two guys discussed a lot about the previous months and the future musical evolution.

After some days the duo decided to split and “Recanism” became Lorenzo, a solo dj be able to evolve in a stronger dark techno style.

At the next event, a bit nervous but extremely excited, Lorenzo tried a 2h strong techno set with his unmistakable sounds. The crowd was positively surprised and the feedback was amazing, a non-stop dancing reaction to the whole set, which emotioned and boosted him a lot immediately. HEX became even stronger and appeared more gigs in EGG LND, Amnesia Milan, La Buat Panama and many more venues. The audience were recognizing his style every day in more towns.

Right now Lorenzo is focused on production and on making HEX bigger and international, in order to propose his dark techno vision to America and rest of Europe.

Lorenzo already played in the following clubs:
Florida 135 (Fraga), Amnesia (Milan), EGG (London), La Buat (Panama), Tag Club (Venice), Studio 76 (Madrid), Input (Barcelona), Under Club (Barcelona), more

..and with the following artists:
Len Faki, Ben Klock, DVS1, Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, Answer Code Request, Fjaak, Kessell, Benjamin Damage, Gregor Tresher, Psyk, Joseph Capriati, Flug and more