HEX Talks: KESSELL (post-event)

After the past HEX Live! event we had the chance of talking with Kessell. Here is the record of the interview with him:

1) Three weeks ago you set up your hybrid live performance for HEX Live! at This Side Up (Barcelona). Would you like to talk a bit about the equipment you decided to use that night?

I used a couple of synths, Korg Volca FM, DSI Toraiz AS-1, a Roland TR-09 drum machine, a small Faderfox controller, Novation Launchpad mini for launching audio and midi loops and a mac with Ableton 7…

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HEX Talks: SHLOMI ABER (post-event)

In 2017 Be As One, your own label, celebrates 10 years of activity, in which they have released plenty EPs of worldwide Techno artists; would you shed some light on its past/present/future and about the artists that are part of it?

Indeed Be As One turns 10 in 2017, and I’m very excited about it, it has been my main platform and label during my carrer but Be As One is much more than that. It’s family, a collective of people who share the same vision. We had the pleasure to release music from many of our favourite artists during those 10 years as Truncate, Suckut, Sterac, Rolando, Skudge…

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