HEX Talks: SHLOMI ABER (post-event)

After the past HEX event we had the chance of talking with Shlomi Aber about his music vision.
Here is the tête à tête with him:

In 2017 Be As One, your own label, celebrates 10 years of activity, in which they have released plenty EPs of worldwide Techno artists; would you shed some light on its past/present/future and about the artists that are part of it?

Indeed Be As One turns 10 in 2017, and I’m very excited about it, it has been my main platform and label during my carrer but Be As One is much more than that. It’s family, a collective of people who share the same vision. We had the pleasure to release music from many of our favourite artists during those 10 years as Truncate, Suckut, Sterac, Rolando, Skudge and many others. We feel in great shape these days and we’re working on a series of events to take place for the 10 years celebration.


To celebrate properly this important BAO anniversary – the 16th June 2017 – you chose HEX for Barcelona. There will be 10 shows in 10 different cities in the world. What do you expect from this tour and especially from the OFF WEEK with HEX?

Having the Be As One vision in mind, and since we are all about the dark rooms, we felt that HEX makes the perfect combination for us for such a city as Barcelona. The tour already started in January in one of my favourites clubs, “Nordstern” in Switzerland, and it will run till the end of 2017 with 10 shows in total. We’re keeping the shows very selective only to clubs and promoters we feel that share our musical journey. Hex is definitely part of this list.

How do you think the concept of clubbing has evolved in these 20 years? From your early age you saw differences in how people participate and experience the nightlife? What were the main changes from your point of view that impacted on it?

I think the social media age made a big impact on the way we party compared to 20 years ago. Everything is so immediate and unmemberable these days, big efforts being washed away by the social needs, and artistic talent is hardly needed anymore. This is also reflected in the way people approach clubbing or even how they are influenced musically. I remember when I was 18 and wanted to go clubbing we used to treat it like a big deal, if our favourite dj was coming to town we used to go and buy new clothes, buying his latest tape or cd, and prepare mentally for such a show, while today people may be more influenced by letting people know they are attending on Facebook and not bothering too much to check about the dj himself.

HEX audience

Just a few days ago you’ve been our guest and your set was extremely enjoyed by all our audience. Tell us more about the tracks you’ve chosen for the night. How did you feel playing at HEX? Did you feel a special connection with the atmosphere and the audience?

Very nice to hear the feedback from the night, I had a great pleasure to play for the HEX crowd, which is undoubtedly my target audience who are so openminded and receptive. I never really prepared anything upfront when going on stage, it’s all about the immediate connection and the story I wanna tell at the moment.

 HEX pres: DVS1, Shlomi Aber, Lorenzo at Input - Sunday 16042017

What’s your opinion about HEX? How do you see our mission: revolutionize the clubbing experience of the town offering events where music mix other art forms such as photography, visual art, design and videography?

I think HEX is a very rare bread of a brand in 2017, I appreciate a lot the fact that HEX is very dedicated to its own idea, following its own artistic believes while still managing to exercise it so perfectly for a full unbiased clubbing experience.

From HEX, we want to specially thanks DVS1, Shlomi Aber and Lorenzo for their powerful sets and to all people who came to celebrate Easter with us.

See you all the 28th April: HEX Live! presents: Kessell (Hybrid) at This Side Up

This time at HEX Live! we’ll host Kessell, one half of the duo Exium, co-founder of Pole Group and owner of the label Granulart Recordings.