During summer 2014, the two founders of HEX, Pøli and Lorenzo met each other and started to share a common vision for techno and underground events. From this union, a revolutionary brand was born, named DOOM. The project was based on the simple idea of a private event with only 80 unique codes, each one was given to a single person which allowed the possibility of buying a presale entrance. It was in a secret location — never a club — with no rules, freedom, respect and darkness. 8 hours of Techno without famous djs, vips, photos, only mindblowing visuals and the best sound system, provided by funktion-one.

The event quickly became well known in and out of Barcelona and because of the new concept, many magazines wrote about DOOM, particularly of it’s sold out within 2 days.

After three events and due to Barcelona laws, DOOM stopped. At this point, Pøli and Lorenzo decided to create a new brand which shared the same core values but being club oriented. This was the time of HEX.

The very beginning of HEX was at Under Club, in room 2 which had a capacity of 300 people. The idea was to keep the exclusive access that made the previous brand famous, so they made private even that room. It was only accessible for people who knew HEX and were personally invited. The first event was a so much successful that Under Club proposed a weekly residency.

After a few months in that Red Room with an ever-growing audience,

HEX did the big jump and organized a Showcase for the whole club (main room and room two) filled with more than 1.4k people. Another great turning point for the brand.

The uniqueness of HEX was that when they were took over the whole club, the art directors of the brand were changing everything. The DJ booth and decoration immediately became black, different live visuals, and all video and photography were taken care of by HEX team members. From the first step into the club, you could feel a the different atmosphere.