With this new entrance HEX consolidates a strong relationship with one of the most interesting Techno label on the market: Be As One.  Another extremely important news is the collaboration of the label and agency that has always been a huge inspiration for HEX because of its coherency, image and musical line: Pole Group. These two new unions can be defined as another crucial milestone for the brand.

In order to celebrate these collaborations, for Off Week 2017 HEX will proudly host both: PoleGroup Showcase (with Oscar Mulero, Exium, Jonas Kopp, Pfirter, Reeko, Hitch and the two residents of HEX, Lorenzo and Pøli) June 14th at Input and BAO, that celebrates its 10th year anniversary organizing only 10 events in 10 different cities in the world (with Shlomi Aber, Sterac aka Steve Rachmad, Truncate, Psyk, Markus Suckut and the two residents of HEX) June 16th at This Side Up.

The party will be inaugurated with a Techno night on Wednesday with the PoleGroup Showcase ready to satisfy the desires of the harder dancers.  

All of 2017’s nights are ready and there will be huge news in the next few days, regarding the biggest event HEX has ever organised. 2018 will see a wider roster of artists, more events and bigger international presences, Pøli and Lorenzo will devote their time to spread HEX’s doctrine, the typical high voltage music incorporating noise and percussive digital samples, among the most important European Clubs.

“And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.” (Nietzsche)