10 anthems to define Mord’s history, by Bas Mooy for HEX

Bas Mooy designs and explains the soundtrack that defines Mord’s journey to date.

Bas Mooy HEX Mord Chart

Bas Mooy began his career in the European Techno scene in 1999. He is originally from Rotterdam, a city that breathes industrial music 24/7. In these 20 years, the Dutch DJ and producer has released music on several major techno labels such as Mote Evolver, Perc Trax, CLR, Sleaze Records, Pole Group or Planet Rhythm. However, his small big fruits are Audio Assault and Mord. The latter will be present at our party next Friday at This Side UP, as part of the HEX Off Week, so we wanted to take this opportunity to ask Bas Mooy a list of 10 tracks that define the road travelled by the label so far.

Bas Mooy:

“It’s really difficult to make a selection out of the pretty large catalogue we got so far. Not sure where to start, to be honest, but mainly went for some tunes that made a big impact since I started the label. Most of the tunes below still stand out in my opinion, and people still play them out. In the end, it’s impossible for me to actually choose my favorite tracks on Mord, since they are all very dear to me, so I tried to look at this from a bit of a distance and make a list of tunes I think could be considered as some of the label’s key tracks so far. Ask me again tomorrow and I probably send you a different list!”


  1. UVB – Mixtion

I guess most people will agree “Mixtion” was the biggest tune on Mord so far. At the time I wasn’t sure if this was the direction I wanted to take with Mord. “Mixtion” reminded me of this tune somewhere in the back of my head. In the end, I guess that was the strength of the track, the melody immediately feels familiar and it’s very recognizable. I remember when I just released it. I got so many messages from people on a daily basis, telling me that everybody was playing it out at Awakenings, Berghain, etc. The track really was a big step in putting both Mord and UVB as a producer on the map. It’s not my personal favorite UVB tune though, since he made so many great other tracks, but I definitely think this tune is a proper anthem and will stay in people’s mind for a long time. Still works!


  1. Radial – Asiel

This track was on the first Mord release and it was played by a lot of the so called big guns. I have been running Audio Assault Records with Radial for many years and it felt like a nice move to start my new solo label Mord with a release by him. He’s one of the best producers out there and has made so many killer tunes over the past two decades. “Asiel” was the stand out for most people of this first Mord EP in 2013, but also check out “1980” on that release! Or more recent, “Analogue Supplies” on his latest Mord double pack. And since we are talking about anthems, check out some of the classic Radial stuff they made back in the days when Radial was still a duo.


  1. Sleeparchive – Evicted

This was one of the biggest tunes on the first Mordbox. Loads of people advised me not to release a 7 vinyl box, since it was quite a big risk, etc. But that even made me want to do it more. I think that first box really dropped like a bomb, since we kept it all a secret until the day of the release, so suddenly it was there, when all artists involved announced it at the same day. This was one of my stand-out tunes. Roger (Sleeparchive) recently posted it, saying looking back at it he wasn’t sure about the kick drum anymore, but this is a killer tune with a killer kick drum. On the right sound system, it kicks you in the face like an angry donkey on acid. Instant knock-out!


  1. Lag – Sama Doma (Forward Strategy Group Remix)

The first Lag release on Mord is still one of my favourite Mord releases. I actually played the original “Sama Doma” track before I signed it, since Milos sent it to me. Real killer tune, that worked really well with some other tunes I played out at the time and people would always ask me what the tune was. When Milos wrote me if I was interested in releasing it, I was really happy, since it was one of my fav tunes at that time and also gave me the opportunity to show the diversity of Mord in this early stage of the label. When it came out, the FSG remix got picked up by a lot of people and I remember it was played a lot during ADE that year. I think most people played that version, that’s why I picked it here, amazing track!


  1. Jokasti & Nek – Kalam On

Still really pleased with the debut double pack this magnificent duo did for Mord, but for this list I choose the track they did for the recent Herdersmat compilation. “Kalam On” is a tune that does proper damage each time I played it. Always got many ID requests when there were clips online when I was playing it, before it was released. It’s always nice to see the crowd go mental on a tune that is not out there and you know you signed it. Got a new release coming up from them early next year, so stay tuned for that too.


  1. Charlton – Chaotic Behaviour

Charlton has been one of my best friends since I met him back in the days when I was working at Triple Vision. Almost twenty years later now and I still release his music on a regular basis. Great producer with his own distinctive sound, also my partner in crime for the “Diabla Diezco” project we did. Might be time to get back in the studio to work on some new tunes for that. Anyway, “Chaotic Behaviour” was on Charlton’s first Mord EP and this one is still murdering the floor each time I play it.


  1. Ansome – Penny & Pound

From the moment I heard Ansome’s first demo, I knew he was something special. Five years later he established himself as one of the best live sets out there. His discography has built up since then and this release is still very special to me. We have shared the stage many times since then and I’m glad he’s part of the label since the start. I think there’s a lot of people who tried to copy his sound since then, but there’s only one Ansome. Picked out the title tune, but also “Mans Head” was played a lot by me from this release.


  1. Shards – MRDMRDMRD

This is also one of those tunes people always ask me about after my set. It has been a closing track for me on quite some occasions, nice intro and then when it kicks in, people usually go mental. One of those Mord tracks not everybody knows, but maybe this feature gets to point some people in the right direction. Killer tune by an amazing producer! Also check out his MORD007 release if you like what you hear.


  1. Progression – Diminished

Probably my favorite Progression tune out there. Have been playing this one quite a lot, besides being a really great track on its own, it’s also really nice to play as a background loop with another tune, so you can really keep it going for quite a while. Mental brain penetrating loop…


  1. Bas Mooy – Ravage

Well, what the hell, will also include one of my own tracks. Wasn’t really planning to release this track at first, but when I did the second Mordbox I wanted to have a tune on it by myself and didn’t really have any new material. Went through some tunes I made some months before. I actually forgot about this one and wasn’t really sure it was good. I couldn’t access the project anymore, so only had the recording that I did back then. I showed it to some people and the feedback was really good. When I first played it out, I noticed there was a really good crowd response, so I decided to go for it. In the end, it turned out to be one of the most popular tunes of the box, which shows how difficult it is to judge your own productions sometimes.

Thanks! Check out the full discography at Mord Bandcamp or go to your local record store!

Mord x HEX Off Week Showcase is on tonight, Friday July 19th at This Side Up, Barcelona.

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