AlteratE Club, the new refuge for the liberation of Techno music in Barcelona

AlteratE officially opens its doors this coming Friday, September 6th with HEX and Elements, and with Rebekah and Remco Beekwilder as invited headliners.

“Alterate your habits. Alterate your mind. Alterate your body. Alterate yourself.” This is how AlteratE Club presents itself to break into the underground scene of Barcelona. A big club with different spaces, various activities, absolute freedom, zero VIPs policy, total darkness… and Techno. Together with HEX, AlteratE will star in community venerations of Techno culture. The first to do so will be Rebekah, Remco Beekwilder and the residents of HEX, PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini.

HEX AlteratE Rebekah Remco Beekwilder Elements Barcelona

AlteratE is a new conceptual club located in Carrer Tarragona, in Barcelona, where HEX took its first steps 4 years ago. Now, after having stepped on some of the most important clubs in the city, HEX returns to what was their home to give birth to this new refuge free of stereotypes. AlteratE is the new home of all those ravers in Barcelona in search of freedom.

All rules will be broken: ravers coming to AlteratE will be able to dance naked, there will be various areas accessible to the whole audience -with no VIP or backstage areas, except the strictly necessary for the artists-, art pieces such as pictures, sculptures and installations will be exhibited and, in total, seven areas will be opened: the entrance, the hall, the main room (with several floors, so that people can dance building an arena aesthetic), a clothing and vinyl shop, a dark room, a cocktail bar (in room 2) and a smoking area in the underground car park.

In order to provide the right environment and build the desired concept, AlteratE has been equipped with new lighting structures and a powerful new Funktion-One sound system, thus completely improving the aesthetics of the club. On the opening day, music will be provided by the British Rebekah and the Dutch Remco Beekwilder, two icons of the European rave scene and both defenders of the more acidic, crude and accelerated sounds of the Techno, Electro, EBM and Industrial lands. Alongside them will be the two resident artists and leaders of HEX, the Italians PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini.

At the moment, AlteratE has already announced that it’s working on several future dates. The second one will take place in early 2020 and will have a great international legend of Techno music. Until the moment arrives, we will live with the intense memories of the experiences that the great opening of AlteratE with HEX x Elements will offer us on the night of this September 6th. The rave scene in Barcelona has already walked in recent years. Now has come the time to let it go, to become truly free and to give free rein to the imagination… to make it become real. Welcome to AlteratE Club. Get rid of everything that torments you. Be yourself. Be free. Be AlteratE.

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Photos by Oriol Reverter Photography
Article by Paco Cavaller