Clip is the pseudonym within the producer and sound engineer Edu Tarradas has been building his particular sound universe during the last years.

Few had heard of him before his move to the 2011 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, and it was at that time that the looks of a good part of the scene went on the young producer. Since then he has been forging a regular career with a special output in labels such as Classicworks, Struments Records, Feline, Discomaths or Fina Records to name a few, in which he has demonstrated a broad technical mastery along with a special sensitivity to understand the clubbing music, endowing it always with an organic and different touch, but always with an eye on the dance floor.

Special attention has to go on his music, which have managed to capture the attention, admiration and respect of those who have experienced it. His live sets have always been based on a 100% hardware philosophy, far from the comfort of laptops in DJ booths, using drum machines and analog synthesizers. Today, the live that presents the Catalan producer is based on a drum machine and a modular system, through which it manages to explore the most visceral and abstract part of techno, in sessions completely improvised and created from 0 on the same stage.

At the end of 2016 Clip presented “Gebre”, an EP published in “Abstract Places Audio”, new record label captained by the same Edu Tarradas and Xixa. “Gebre” where explores and delves with excellent solvency the boundaries of techno, dub and ambient and gives the start signal to a label called to be the referent for Techno lovers.

In 2017 will be released his debut album in “Seeking The Velvet”, label of Cora Novoa, an LP that has been recorded and produced half way between the personal studio of Edu Tarradas in Barcelona and the Red Bull Studios in Berlin.