Cristian Marras is synonym of the purest Berlin sound: driving and hypnotic.

Showing good knowledge of the genre for someone as young, Cristian discovered his passion for electronic music during the last years of high school in east coast of USA where he started to interest himself to the first and second generation of Detroit Electronic Producers. Once back in Italy C. started to hang out around some of the most well known Italian clubs that were hosting techno events getting in contact with artists and promoters and he started to host events himself in his home town in Sardegna bringing local artist and promoting electronic music.

Since the last 4 years C dedicated himself to improve his knowledge studying electronic music production and sound design collaborating with other musicians and attending Dbs music university in Berlin.

After moving to the German capital Cristian started to make his first steps in the underground scene of the city, hosting his own event (Urban Tech) and performing several gigs alongside some well known artist like Dave Clarke. Cristian is released his first EP Noise Games on the label 2RB-Records The work is composed by three tracks that combine hiswhat the artist has been influenced from in the last years.


  • NameCristian Marras
  • LabelsRitual Records
  • StyleTechno
  • HEX GUEST06/12/2018