Nicolás Bornia aka Farceb, is one of the new emerging figures from the techno music scene in Argentina, and he is considered as one of the most promising DJs/producers of his country in recent years.

Farceb began his career a few years ago by taking his first steps in the musical production. His influences come from both the old and the new school, shaping his unique musical style, which goes against the codes. He is able to provide a unique experience full of personality, transmitting different atmospheres and sensations in his tracks as well as in his sessions.

In 2013, this young artist released his first track on a compilation of VA on the label Prototype Sequences. Shortly after, he made his debut at the legendary club Cocoliche in Buenos Aires, alongside Oscar Mulero (PoleGroup), one of the greatest figures of the global techno scene.

In 2014, he took part of the new Argentine label called Orióni, editing his first track on vinyl with other Argentinian artists as Mental Resonance, Pulse One, Luis Ruiz and Jonas Kopp.

Lately he has definitely found his own musical vision that characterizes him: a powerful and hypnotic techno. In 2016, he released two EP “Signal From Space” on MindTrip and “Phase Modulation” on A R T S.

2018 was a new turning point of his career with his releases on the label PoleGroup and Dynamic Reflection, and also with his first European Tour (Gare Porto, Khidi, Instytut, Griessmuehle, Prisma). Part of HEX Recordings, he remixed PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini for the first release of the label: ‘Omala Kcohs’.

2019 was off to a solid start. Besides two releases – his first ambient album “Rebirth and Fertility“ on Rohstoff and his track “Hydrain” on the ARTS V compilation; Farceb was touring Europe for the second time.


  • NameFarceb
  • LabelsHEX Recordings, Polegroup, A R T S
  • StyleTechno
  • HEX GUEST08/02/2019