HEX Recordings: the new label of HEX is here

HEX is now ready to face a new and very important phase for the movement, the launch of its own music label: HEX Recordings. A platform to diffuse its own sound and cultivate talents of the Techno scene.

The first EP of the label comes from PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini, resident artists and founders of the movement. 4 original tracks, that together with 10 remixes by a varied selection of international artists, represent the music vision behind the label and the international support already received at this early stage. The idea behind the release is to present the HEX Sound through different artists and their diverse shades of Techno, ranging from ambient, beatless compositions to the most ravey sounds.

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December 2018: Best Picks from Michel Lauriola

Of Italian roots, born in Venezuela, and lost in Argentina, Michel Lauriola has a very characteristic rhythmic and deep Techno sound. The Buenos Aires-based has become a renowned DJ and talented producer who has edited in labels like Quant, Newrhythmic, Animal Farm or Credo and his productions have been played by industry’s top players, such as Oscar Mulero, Rødhåd, Tensal, Kr!z or Cleric, among many others.

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Premiere: Keikari – “Teoria” EP

The record label Binary Cells is introducing “Teoria”, a new 4-track EP composed by Paris-based Keikari, rising figure of the french Techno scene revealed by Regal Sound, a collective where he is a resident and with releases on prestigious labels like Ear to Ground (imprint from Dax J & Gareth Wild) and Newrythmic Records, label owned by Joton.
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Talks: Q&A with Kwartz after HEX Showcase at Shine (Madrid)

On the brand’s first showcase in the Spanish capital, we caught up with the Madrid native Kwartz for a little chat after his incredible set, closing the event from 8:30am until 12pm (noon). With a tired but thrilled face on all of us, we chatted with him about new plans on his label Order & Devotion, his recent Asian tour, and much more.

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Radar: Signal Festival, Russia

Right in the middle of the raw and wild Russia (part of the Ugra National Park, declared protected by the UNESCO), Signal Festival is one of the scene’s most interesting and exciting festivals at the moment.

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Report: HEX pres Ben Sims at Input – 07 09 2018

After 3 months of being away from INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club, HEX returned to its home with an stellar guest: Ben Sims. Powered by a perfectly distributed stack of brain-melting Funktion-One speakers, INPUT is the gateway to an unparalleled sound experience in Barcelona, and with its black walls and industrial-looking ceilings, it is the perfect place for a night filled with the most rave Techno.

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Report: Brunch-In the Park – 02 09 2018

Barcelona daytime party series Brunch-In The Park, usually reserved to other spectrums of electronic music outside of Techno, on September 2nd decided to welcome a good bunch of acts from the industry and an army of Techno warriors, avid to dance to the merciless beats under a shining sun.

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Report: Voltage Festival, Belgium 2018

Located in the Belgian small town of Zwevegem, Voltage Festival takes place in an abandoned coal-fired power plant that’s now a used for public leisure and entertainment.

All 3 stages contained metallic, industrial-looking structures, a perfect setting for the acid, ravey and Techno sounds presented by the artists. The look of the resting areas were along the same lines as the stages, with barrels where you could sit on and take a well-deserved rest from the relentless beats.

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Report: DGTL Festival, Barcelona 2018

For another edition, DGTL Barcelona took place at Parc Del Fòrum, an enormous concrete park on the very limits of the catalan capital. The location could be described as intriguing, labyrinthine and industrial, perfectly fitting the underground Techno style of the artists at the Generator Stage. Shipping crates were placed to delineate the stage and spice things up, something which showed the amount of work the organizers put into the event.

The relentless, thumping drum kicks shot by the massive Funktion-One stacks filled our bodies with the heavy grooves, making the Generator Stage our home for the weekend.

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Focus On: HEX at RZZ – 27072017

HEX is now ready to do another step in its evolutionary journey, taking complete control of the biggest club of Barcelona, Razzmatazz.
5 rooms with 5 shades of HEX, that will allow to fully express our vision of the perfect clubbing experience.

This event, called HEX at RZZ and that will happen on Thursday 27th of June 2017, is not only revolutionary because of its lineup. HEX wanted to mark a true milestone for the electronic scene of the city so, it decided to change the sound system of the whole club, for only one day, and to bring the best Funktion-One set up possible, by working directly with F1 official engineers in London.

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Marco Bailey Q&A: Materia and Icefyre

Marco Bailey and his imprint Materia Music are thinking big. Last month, just after two years from its birth Materia released its fourth work: Icefyre. Behind the oxymoronic title resides two original new tracks of Marco and two explosive remixes. Marco, that after all these years in Techno music is still renovating his sounds, is already a familiar face in HEX as he was the protagonist of the 16th HEX Transmission’s episode. Enjoy the interview.

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Focus On: HEX OFF WEEK 2017

From just two years of its birth, HEX is getting ready for the strongest OFF WEEK of its history with the collaboration of three of the most respected Techno labels worldwide:

PoleGroup Recordings, label founded in 2002 by Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Exium and Christian Wunsch based in Spain. HEX and PoleGroup aim to open this next Off week 2017 with the strongest Techno combination ever.

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HEX Talks: KESSELL (post-event)

After the past HEX Live! event we had the chance of talking with Kessell. Here is the record of the interview with him:

1) Three weeks ago you set up your hybrid live performance for HEX Live! at This Side Up (Barcelona). Would you like to talk a bit about the equipment you decided to use that night?

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