December 2018: Best Picks from Michel Lauriola

Of Italian roots, born in Venezuela, and lost in Argentina, Michel Lauriola has a very characteristic rhythmic and deep Techno sound. The Buenos Aires-based has become a renowned DJ and talented producer who has edited in labels like Quant, Newrhythmic, Animal Farm or Credo and his productions have been played by industry’s top players, such as Oscar Mulero, Rødhåd, Tensal, Kr!z or Cleric, among many others.

If you plan on seeing Michel live, here is a selection of ten tracks that always end up in his bag, including both old school gems and newer sounds. Enjoy.


Leftfield – Melt (1995)

Right where my love for electronic music started.


Mario Piu – Communication (Mas Mix) (1999)

One of the best vinyls I’ve owned, the infectious groove in it is a dancefloor smasher.


Tube Tech – The End (Original Mix) (Late 90’s)

Such a classic, a must at the very end of every rave in Venezuela.


Steve Redhead – The End Is Near (Original Mix) (2005)

Tribal at its best. The groove and heavy kick drums make it one of my favourite tunes.



Raudive – Here (Len’s Podium Remix) (2006)

The arrival of minimal Techno in South America, it meant a revolution in the sound heard over there.


Joris Voorn – MPX309 (Original Mix) (2006)

The fact that it has no melody at all but it’s still an absolute weapon really blew me away.


Oscar Mulero – Disinformation (Original Mix) (2012)

Production-wise, it changed my way of seeing Techno in a deeper, more atmospherical way.


Paul Boex – Perfect Love (Exium Remix) (2013)

This is one of my biggest inspirations, really influenced the way I want my productions to sound. Plus, it’s a bomb for the crowds.


Sawlin & Subjected – Texture 1.1 (Original Mix) (2014)

A very strong and heavy track, but with a very melancholic vibe, perfect for finishing up a set.


AWB – Ecliptic (Antigone & Shlomo Remix) (2016)

This one just never fails.