█ Boiler Room x HEX Barcelona pres: HARD DANCE █

A worldwide hardcore rodeo

HEX and Boiler Room join forces to bring “HARD DANCE” to Barcelona for the very first time, as part of the official world tour of the new and renowned Boiler Room event series.

Hard Dance is Boiler Room’s mutant spinoff: a tunnel into aesthetic extremity, hardcore euphoria & the hardest, fastest fringes of club culture. It’s collaborating with KHIDI, HEX, Ved Siden Af, Metaphore Collectif –– & more of the planet’s toughest club collectives –– for thier first ever global tour. Climb inside the collider.



► Lorenzo Raganzini
► NX1
► VII Circle

Visuals by Acid Thermal


With a gritty, headsdown style of Techno, the enigmatic and masked artist SNTS first surfaced in 2012. His unique style of haunting, frayed textures and nightmarish, relentless rhythms already visited HEX in the past, destroying every corner of the dancefloor.

Co-founder of HEX, the Italian artist PØLI will offer his style, made of a blend of emotional and hard tones, bringing the whole club into an endless Techno and Trancey journey.

– Lorenzo Raganzini
The other half of HEX, Lorenzo Raganzini will represent the hardest and raviest shade of the HEX sound. Co-founder of the movement, he proposes a mixture of Techno with EBM and Acid touches.

– NX1
NX1 is the duo consisting of Surit and Samot, artists based in Barcelona. They have devoted themselves to a trademark sonic imprint that moves between heavy memories of classic Techno to more mental and psychedelic spaces in contemporary sound design. Part of HEX recordings, NX1 contain futuristic aspects propelling themselves forward, while also taking into consideration and expressing modern challenges.

– VII Circle
Protagonist of the second release of HEX Recordings, VII Circle is back at HEX to debut at Boiler Room.
VII Circle is a musical project whose roots are into Post Punk and Metal, without any boundaries: Techno, Industrial, EBM, Hardcore without compromise. The Journey through VII Circle is a fascinating path, filled with obscurity and aggressive sounds.



Friday 06032020
2359 – 0600

AlteratE Club
Carrer de Tarragona, 141
08014 Barcelona



  • EVENTBoiler Room x HEX Barcelona pres: HARD DANCE
  • DateMarch 6th, 2020
  • Time23.59 - 06.00
  • VenueAlteratE Club
  • AddressCarrer de Tarragona 141, 08014 Barcelona