█ HEX (10h): Blush Response (live), Rikhter (live), Tham, Acierate █

HEX returns to The Garage of The Bass Valley for a 10 hour rave with a lineup filled with Industrial, IDM and Rave artists, welcoming both new players such as the powerful first time live in Barcelona from Rikhter and the Synoid founders and residents Tham and Acierate, plus the veteran BLUSH_RESPONSE and his fierce live set.

All of them will be joined by the HEX founders and residents PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini who will bring the HEX sound to the depths of The Garage.



Rikhter (live)
Lorenzo Raganzini

Visuals by Acid Thermal & KSB



Saturday 21032020
0000 – 1000 (10 hours)

The Garage of The Bass Valley
Passatge Can Politic, 13, b L’Hospitalet de Llobregat


– Blush Response
Blush Response is Joey Blush, a Cuban-American artist and sound designer hailing from Miami who now resides in Berlin. A fascinating, vibrant artist, frequenting the outer realms of Industrial, IDM and Techno, and has a plethora of releases on labels like Sonic Groove, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Ant-zen, and many more.

FB: facebook.com/blushresponsemusic/
SC: soundcloud.com/blush-response

– Rikhter
A mysterious artist whose identity anonymous, Rikhter is an active part of R-Label Group, commanded by Kobosil. Little is known from him, except his preference for tough, powerful kicks and thick synths who are taking over the world by storm, having already played among some of the most influential names in the scene.

His hard hitting, pure ravey Techno lands at HEX for the very first time.

FB: facebook.com/rikhter23/
SC: soundcloud.com/rikhter23

– Tham
Half of Synoid, one of Berlin’s most exciting events, used to throwing 3 day weekenders in various occasions throughout the year. Tham’s sets are characterised by a strong, relentless energy that travel between different intensity levels, due to his familiarity with long slots.

We are glad to welcome him to the movement for this 10 hour rave.

FB: facebook.com/thambln/
SC: soundcloud.com/thambln

– Acierate
The other half of Synoid, Acierate is an artist who takes no prisoners in his sets. From the purest ravey Techno to more groovy sounds, he rarely leaves the 140bpm mark, always surprising the listener with various genres and moods.

Expect no mercy from him in his debut at HEX.

FB: facebook.com/acierate/
SC: soundcloud.com/acierate

Loaded with violence, as well as melodies that bring high doses of emotion to the journey, always maintaining the strength and energy of industrial Techno, adding Trance and EBM hints. This is how to describe in a few words the sound of PØLI, one of the two co-founders and instigators of the HEX movement, born in 2014, and also one of the two co-founders of the HEX Recordings label, created in 2019 alongside Lorenzo Raganzini.

FB: facebook.com/poligonism/
SC: soundcloud.com/poligonism

– Lorenzo Raganzini
Defender of the heaviest, ruthless sounds, Lorenzo Raganzini is co-founder and half of both the HEX movement and HEX Recordings. He represents the raviest tones of the movement, with hyper-accelerated Techno sets especially influenced by EBM, New Wave and Rock.

FB: facebook.com/LorenzoRaganziniHEX/
SC: soundcloud.com/lorenzoraganzini


  • EVENTHEX (10h): Blush Response, Rikhter, Tham, Acierate
  • DateMarch 21th, 2020
  • Time23.59 - 10.00
  • VenueThe Garage of The Bass Valley
  • AddressPassatge Can Polític 13, B, 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona