This HEX OFF WEEK 2018 could not finish just at 7am.

So, after HEX pres: PoleGroup (off week showcase) at TSU – 15062018 we’ve organised a carry on event, where continuing the journey at kreuzberg.bcn / laboratory, from the morning till midday, surrounded by a warm Funktion-One sound system.

The easisest way to reach the club, is buying a presale ticket with BUS included here: bit.ly/2H86Bmk.

The bus will bring you from This Side Up club, where we will host the showcase of Pole Group, directly to Kreuzeberg club to join the carry on after event.


  • EVENTHEX off week (carry on AFTER)
  • DateJune 16th, 2018
  • Time07:00 - 12:00
  • VenueKreuzberg club
  • AddressCarrer d'Holanda 58, 08917 Badalona