Friday May 31st, 2019 in Barcelona


After the launch of the label HEX Recordings during March, and getting feedback from some of the most talented artists in the industry, HEX now presents the second reference of the label which will come out on vinyl at the middle of June, with 4 original tracks by VII Circle and a remix by NX1.


VII Circle

From a post-punk and metal background, Andrea Vallisneri and Andrea Casari’s will to experiment and compose with music drove them to form VII Circle.

There are no boundaries in this four handed music project in which the main influence of Dante’s Inferno contributes to create dark landscapes to the listener with an immediate impact while carrying more deeper meanings and a constant evolution. The dark concepts are turned into tangible matter both in the productions and in the DJ set, the latter solely rest in the hands of Andrea Vallisneri.

After having released a brutal remix on the first EP of HEX Recordings, Omala Kcohs and being part of a HEX event in Madrid in the past, we are very much looking forward to have Andrea back at HEX.


NX1 came in with strength into the international scene with the release of their first record on their label in late 2011. Their live sets display a wide variety of styles in Techno. Heavy and humid atmospheres that permeate the dance floor, breaks and fat basses that investigate the deeper and more intellectual part of the genre, fusing classic sounds with new evolved ones and with touches of IDM and electronic music from the 90’s. We welcome them at HEX for the first time.


Based in Barcelona, the Italian artist and co-founder of HEX has largely demonstrated his unique musical style: a mix of mental, disturbing melodies and powerful Techno. The name PØLI comes from the polygon, a geometric figure with multiple sides that represents the eclecticism of his music. PØLI is well known for his strong closings, always ending with a great energy.

Lorenzo Raganzini

The other half of HEX, Lorenzo Raganzini, will represent the fastest and raviest shade of the HEX sound. Co-founder of the movement, he has always been pushing each event to the limit, proposing a mixture of Techno with Acid, Trance and EBM touches.


The venue:
This Side UP is a two floor, theatre-esque venue that caters the city of Barcelona with some of the finest artists from the industry every weekend. A very intimate space to experience HEX in a much more personal way, reducing the distance between artists and audience to the very minimum.

The artwork:
Some of the pictures on the artwork have been taken by the talented Spanish photographer David Molina, during the previous HEX events at This Side Up, while the cross photo was taken at HEX at RZZ, in Razzmatazz, Barcelona.


◢ Visuals:
Acid Thermal

“Raving in the darkness”.


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  • EVENTHEX Recordings Showcase w/ VII Circle, NX1, PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini
  • DateMay 31st, 2019
  • Time23.55 - 06.30
  • VenueThis Side Up
  • AddressAv. del Parallel 37, 08004 Barcelona


HEX Recordings Showcase VII Circle NX1
HEX Recordings Showcase VII Circle NX1