HEX Interview: Remco Beekwilder (Emerald), “AlteratE Club was an invitation for the crowd to feel more free and connect with each other in an easier way”

We uncover some thoughts and feelings from the Dutch Remco Beekwilder after his set at AlteratE Club’s opening night.

HEX Interview Remco Beekwilder

AlteratE Club, nicknamed and already known as the new refuge for the liberation of Techno music in a clubbing format in Barcelona, was born last September under the curatorship of HEX and Elements. Rebekah was the headliner of the night, but many of those present vibrated like never before during the eclectic, heterogeneous, raw and risky session from Remco Beekwilder. It was the debut of the Dutch producer and DJ in Barcelona -and what a debut-, so we wanted to uncover his feelings and thoughts after such a special night for the HEX movement.


Hello again, Remco. First, we wanted to thank you and congratulate you, once again, for the incredible DJ set you gave us last September 6th at the inauguration of AlteratE Club. How would you sum it up – in a few sentences – to the readers and followers of HEX who couldn’t be present?

Thank you. It was a perfect debut for me in Barcelona. Crowd was on fire within an hour after opening its doors. It felt like a doorway to escape from life for one night with likeminded people that were all in for having a good time.

Which message, story or narrative is hidden behind one of your DJ sets? Was there something special, unique or specific that night in your performance?

There’s never a specific message in my DJ sets. I do have messages in the tracks I’ve made, but not in my DJ sets. I just try to create the atmosphere/energy that I prefer depending on the crowd, the venue and the time. The special thing about that night was the set-up of the DJ booth. I was surrounded by the crowd, which gives it a more intimate feeling, and therefore easier to connect with people that resulted in an outstanding atmosphere. Loved it!

With what feelings or expectations did you arrive and with what feelings did you leave AlteratE Club?

I was told it was an unusual venue to host a techno night, so I had no idea what to expect. The crew did an amazing job transforming this venue into a mysterious, raw and sexy location. I stayed till I couldn’t dance anymore.

What are your thoughts about the venue, the vibe you saw and the HEX audience?

Like I said, the venue was mysterious, raw and sexy and I think it was an invitation for the crowd to feel more free and connect easier with each other.

Did we hear any of your newest stuff that night? What are you working on right now?

Yes, I did play a few tracks from the latest Blurring The Lights EP and some of the forthcoming VA Essential Memories EP II on EMERALD. Right now, I’m working on new stuff that has no destination yet.

HEX Interview Remco Beekwilder at AlteratE

Which are your next most important dates, either regarding music releases or regarding gigs/shows?

Honestly, I’m looking forward to every weekend, as I’m lucky it’s packed with very promising gigs. I’m looking forward to play in Australia later this year, and to work on a remix for Under Black Helmet, a remix for Opal, a collab EP with Tim Tama and a collab track with Stranger. All of them are coming up in the nearby months.


Would you like to leave any message to the ravers of our HEX movement in Barcelona and the rest of the world?

I highly recommend everyone to visit a night with HEX at AlteratE Club. You’re in for a treat!

Interview by Paco Cavaller
Pictures by Oriol Reverter
Videos by Laia Flynn