HEX and KHIDI join forces in Tbilisi

Tbilisi’s well-known venue welcomes Barcelona’s HEX movement in Georgia’s capital, one of the key landmarks on the international Techno scene.


It all started last July, in the closing stages of a historic OFF Week. For 12 hours, Barcelona was able to get even closer to the underground vibe that characterizes one of the most latent cities among the international electronic movement: Tbilisi. HEX and KHIDI joined forces that night and it will all happen again this Friday, November 22nd, this time in the Georgian capital.

KHIDI is one of the main protagonists of Georgia’s rave scene, undoubtedly one of the most interesting and active ones in the world. The club is located under a bridge, in an industrial-like building, once made of concrete, the main element that still keeps it standing today. Tbilisi’s ravers are well known for their passion for music, and for their intense, relentless dancing. Also, total freedom is one of the sacred flags in Tbilisi’s clubs, thus making raves usually last much more than expected.

The passion for raving. The liberation of souls. Freedom on the dancefloor. Perfectionism in the organisation. And close attention to every single detail in the curation. This is how KHIDI built a revolution in Tbilisi… while HEX at the same time did it in Barcelona. The many similarities and common points between the two brands have made the resident artists and leaders of HEX, PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini, together with the couple in charge of KHIDI, Tamuna and Johan Axander, to merge the emblematic sun of the Georgian club – always present on their dance floor – with the metal cross of HEX – which will also be present at the event, for its first time outside of Barcelona.

Two cities, one vision, one joint mission to fulfil.

HEX at KHIDI Tbilisi

KHIDI’s and HEX’s collaboration has led to three new merchandising products, as well as to a special collection of conceptual pictures printed on them. Everything exclusively designed for the occasion. The artistic programme has also been tailored together. PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini will be accompanied by one of KHIDI’s resident artists, Boyd Schidt, as well as by the two special guests: the enigmatic, nightmarish SNTS and the Dutch uprising talent Tim Tama. The second room called G-2 will be taken over by Digital Groove Affair, all night long.

HEX at KHIDI Tbilisi SNTS Tim Tama PØLI Lorenzo Raganzini

This Friday, November 22nd, will be the first date co-organized directly by HEX outside Spain. Georgian ravers and, more specifically, KHIDI’s loyals, are already proving to be very warm while waiting for the time to arrive. After this pivotal event for the movement, KHIDI could become, as of this weekend, a new home for HEX.

Article by Paco Cavaller
Photos by Oriol Reverter