Report: HEX Off Week 2019

4 nights. 4 clubs. 4 industry staples, who together with the HEX movement, weaved over 30 hours of Techno and rave culture throughout the most important week of the year for the electronic music culture of the city, Off Week.

HEX Off Week Techno Barcelona Polegroup ARTS Mord KHIDI
PoleGroup, A R T S, Mord Records and KHIDI landed in Barcelona to collaborate with HEX. From Wednesday 17th until Sunday 21st, ravers were able to experience some of the finest acts the scene has to offer. 4 nights that marked a historic moment for HEX and that will be remembered for a very long time.

HEX pres. Pole Group at INPUT – 17072019

HEX Off Week 2019 PoleGroup

With a singular audio-visual experience presented by Acid Thermal and Frank Robles, HEX presented, for the fourth time, the most-venerated Techno label in Spain: Pole Group. The event was commanded by Selección Natural, a name that refers to the union of Oscar Mulero, Reeko and the duo Exium. I4 minds and 8 hands with 6 decks and 2 mixers. Relentless beats never under the 135 BPM mark with no ambient interludes, and no big breakdowns. Rough textures mixed with solid beats and continuous synth lines. They were joined by Adriana Lopez, who served as a perfect foretaste right before SN, and the founders of HEX, PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini.

Exium: mindblowing, as it always is when we come together with HEX, great energy from start finish and an amazing crowd. The visuals blew us away too, there was a great connection between all of us and we’re super happy!

HEX x A R T S at Moog – 18072019

HEX Off Week ARTS Moog Barcelona Techno

On the second night, HEX joined A R T S, a label responsible for bringing forward some of the most interesting talents in the scene nowadays. Emmanuel, the label-owner, invited the acclaimed German duo SHDW & Obscure Shape and both brought very interesting and energetic sets. Alongside them, the HEX founders PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini closed the event showcasing the HEX sound, playing their blend of emotional and hard tones, throwing Techno with EBM, Acid and Electro touches into the mix.

HEX x Mord at This Side UP – 19072019

HEX Off Week Mord Bas Mooy Ansome Barcelona 2019

Already with 50% of the marathon completed, PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini opened the third night back to back, leading up to the Roman VSK who played an outstanding set. The British Ansome brought his demolishing live set to This Side Up and brought exactly what you’d expect from him: relentless gritty, industrial sounds. Closing the showcase was the Dutch Bas Mooy, Mord’s head honcho and faithful representative of the industrial sound breathed in its native Rotterdam.

HEX x KHIDI (12 hour rave) at The Garage of The Bass Valley – 20072019

HEX Off Week KHIDI 2019 Barcelona Techno

The rave-oriented Off Week created by HEX ended up in style with a 12-hour event at The Garage of The Bass Valley. This intimate club, with capacity for no more than 300 people, and located in L’Hospitalet, far from the most characteristic clubbing areas of Barcelona, has a unique Pioneer sound system.

12 hours filled with supreme musical quality from every single one of the artists and a truly unique vibe were lived that night. PØLI opened the event, warming things up for Phase Fatale who delivered his unique blend of EBM and dystopian electronics.

Phase Fatale: It’s the second time I play in this club and it’s been even better than the first one; started slow but ended up going really strong, super hot vibes in there!

After him, the Ukrainian Stanislav Tolkachev turned the venue into a gate to the sinister, razor-sharp signature sound he owns. Then the KHIDI resident OTHR played an impeccable set full of textures, devilish voices and complex sounds which definitely left a mark on the dancefloor.

Deserved round of applause for him, and Boston 168 kicked off their set, bringing their very own warm acid sounds which fitted perfectly the early morning slot until 10AM. It was then when Lorenzo Raganzini caused a storm with his harsh, relentless ravey sound which only kept increasing in intensity until hitting the 145BPM mark. What a memorable event.

Boston 168: it’s the second time we play at HEX, the first time was amazing but this one was a lot more fun, the morning time slot was simply outstanding guys, thank you for everything we hope to be back soon. We’re sorry to have lost our luggage but it wasn’t our fault, we’ll make it with our live set up next time!

Thanks to the ravers, labels, artists and venues that made this possible.

Photos by Oriol Reverter Photography