HEX002 ‘From The Depths’ by VII Circle: out now

The release is out on vinyl and digital September 13th, with a vinyl EP that includes the 4 original pieces and 1 remix from two uprising talents from the Techno scene: VII Circle and NX1.

HEX002 From The Depths Vinyl

After HEX001, the label is back with an unforgiving yet uplifting release by VII Circle, a up and coming project hailing from Italy.

‘Conflict’ opens the release with fast paced percussion, sustained atmospherics and frenzied high hats before ‘Arise’ weaves acid dipped synths into metallic clashes and hard hitting stabs. ’Timeless’ is next, painting haunting textures with stormy effects, leading into ‘END’ which swiftly builds into a powerful cut complete with growling bass. Tying everything together, Nexe Records founders NX1 remix ‘Conflict’, incorporating warped frequencies and a murky low-end.







Some feedbacks about the EP:
► Rebekah – killer industrial vibes here, love all tracks and remix
► Gary Beck – These are huge, especially the timeless one
► Dasha Rush – like most of the tracks, thanks
► Under Black Helmet – The whole EP is great!
► Randomer – great tracks
► Remco Beekwilder – Conflict is a belter, thanks!!
► Raffaele Attanasio – I’ll play for sure!!!
► Henning Baer – TOP!
► Stephanie Sykes – Yaaaaaasssss…. loving this release!! <3
► Insolate – Arise super cool!
► Joe Farr – NX1 remix is great. I also like Timeless a lot. Thanks.
► Nur Jaber – VII <3
► Cleric – Nice EP will play thanks

You can listen to all the tracks from the EP on Spotify and Soundcloud here: