HEX Recordings: PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini – El Trapezista (Official Videoclip)

Behind this minimalist video, PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini are conceptualising the idea of the artist-object. “He” becomes “It”, with no feelings and almost no soul. Just a single object exposed to the love, obsession, judgment or even hate felt by his public. This love which can be so intense, so strong that it could destroy It.
With this absurd scenario, HEX wants to break this idea and finally make ravers and artists equal by giving to the music and the respect of human beings all the meaning of techno.

This track was thought with the aim of being an emotional intro. The starting point of its creation are the voices recorded at the local circus of the small town, located one hour from Madrid, where PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini went on a retreat to produce the EP. The intention of the track is to replicate the same tension that the trapezist feels during his performance, when he goes back and forth between stressful moments and the pleasure felt when walking on the thin rope in a successful way. In the same way, “El Trapezista” moves the listener from one feeling to the other by stimulating the ears with a pulsating and breathtaking heartbeat.

Ideated by: Veronika Prilion, Trofim Sirenko, Yuritech

Filmed and directed by: Yuritech, Laia Flynn, Oriol de Vigo

Executive Producer: PØLI

Edited by: Acid Thermal, Yuritech

Special FX by: Acid Thermal

Lead Actors: PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini

Main Actors: Andres Teran, Arvi Karvinen, Carla Leguen, Cedric de Brito, Hamza Amara, Jennifer Gertman, Julie Alves, Laia Barri, Melanie Jasnin, Patty Angulo, Pau Castro, Sergey Bagulin, Stella Rosenkvist

Locations: Loft Martin