HEX Recordings: PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini – Raving In Paris (Official Videoclip)

Filmed between Barcelona and Paris, this is the first official videoclip of HEX Recordings, which represents the strong connection of the two raving cultures, the French and the Spanish one.

After a trip to Paris, PØLI and Lorenzo decided to stamp their experience and respect for the French rave culture forever on a musical piece. A culture based on a mix of different types of people with varied lifestyles that dance to the hardest beats for days and feel unified by the music. This track is a restless sequence that keeps the energy to the maximum level from start to finish and includes a 90’s-influenced drum and bass break, along with some background voices dictated by PØLI.


Filmed across two countries by:
HEYMES – Paris
TROFIM – Barcelona
Laia Flynn – Barcelona

Directed by: PØLI & LAVATRONIC

Edited by: HEYMES (RAW Agency)

Lead Actor: Will McGrath [LAVATRONIC]

Main Actors: Lorenzo Lacchessi, Phil Slutara, Helena Pedreros, Rictus LP, Ophélie Cozette, Theo Schmidt

Oleg and Lauren Jones TB
Wearing headpieces by LEGO SKY

Streets of Paris
Possession, Warehouse in Paris
Streets of Barcelona
HEX Barcelona, Razzmatazz