HEX Recordings: PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini – The Last Station (Official Videoclip)

Full length videoclip for ‘The Last Station’, track from PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini out now on HEX Recordings, recorded in Barcelona.


Loops. More loops. In the background of this videoclip, the monotony, the fear of being trapped in the routine. “The Last Station”, the fourth piece of Omala Kcohs, represents the vital path of a human being. The blows of life are transformed into claps and the tension of the protagonist is nothing more than the fear of falling again. It is necessary to escape, even if it is risky, even if it brings us closer to drowning, even if it involves playing with death. The ascents and descents of “The Last Station” are also visually captured in the changes of tonalities and textures. The more distance travelled, the less monotony, the less loops. The final pads take us to salvation, back home alive, surviving the last station.

The fourth composition represents life. A very enveloping low-end drives the whole track as the basis of a human who goes through his existence, and a constant clap hit represents the various hits that are received along the way. The whole progression of the track, composed by up and downs, brings the listener from the most negative and apocalyptic situation until the so called ‘the last station’ (a state of salvation) narrated by the celestial pads in the end.

Filmed and directed by: Frank Robles

Edited by: Acid Thermal

Special FX by: Acid Thermal

Locations: Barcelona

Here are some frames taken from the videoclip shooting.