HEX Interview: Selección Natural, “We found ourselves defending a sound which wasn’t the trend practically alone”

We sat down to get to know more about the common project by Oscar Mulero, Reeko and Exium, hours before our showcase along with Pole Group during Off Week 2019.


Oscar Mulero, Reeko and the duo Exium. For some, it might sound crazy to put these four together on a booth. But, what if this story already started a while ago? Together, they are Selección Natural, and they’ll be launching the HEX Off Week tomorrow Wednesday in our showcase along with Pole Group at INPUT. Why that name? With which objective? What do they offer in their sets? Let’s find out first-hand a few hours before the night.

Selección Natural. Some may ask themselves: “why this name?”.

We already settled on the name a little bit more than 10 years ago when we started to collaborate in a more active way and more frequently, it implied that we found ourselves defending a sound which wasn’t the trend practically alone, and we still survived. That would be the root of the name.

So, you started 10 years ago, but then you stopped… until now. What made Selección Natural appear again?

After so many years in the industry, we felt the need to try new things, bring something different to the scene and one way of reaching this is by something like this, to get together in the studio and have each one of us present his ideas, this way everything flows in a much quicker way and in some occasions with unexpected results. So we think we found a perfect moment for this.

4 minds and 8 hands in the booth. How do you manage that?

We believe that this has to be just as if we were all in charge of a construction, right from the first stone. We never have an agreed script or anything like that, each one of us makes his own contribution to build the set. That’s why we don’t need much coordination. The mixes are generally maintained and that way, the next to step up can execute his mix according to the moment.

A DJ set by Selección Natural is…

A totally improvised set build by 4 people, of course always under our own sound and music genre. If you want to hear the result it’s better to see it by your own, the sets are not the same at all every time we play.

HEX Pole Group Showcase Off Week 2019 Seleccion Natural
You played at Awakenings a few weeks ago, but aren’t you guys more of a club-type?

It was definitely a great experience, we had fun and felt a connection with the crowd. But yes, without a doubt we enjoy ourselves more in intimate situations. Individually we are also club artists, it gives us more chances to develop the set and the Selección Natural experiences in clubs have been very intense so far.

And you’re working on a new album now.

Yes, we have a new album which will see the light this Autumn 2019, but before that there’ll be an EP to present the album. So we have quite a lot of material from now until the end of the year.

4th consecutive year with HEX and Pole Group performing together.

We feel quite comfortable working with HEX. There is always an incredible atmosphere in your events, so it is a pleasure to be with you one more year.


HEX x Polegroup is tonight Wednesday July 17th at Input, Barcelona.

Interview by Paco Cavaller