HEX showcase

HEX Showcase Saturday 10/01.

On the pages above, we discussed HEX. For those who didn’t see the post, HEX is a brand that comes from DOOM, but it’s one which has its own identity focused on the implementation of underground events in clubs.

HEX have their own vision of what an underground party should be all about, and it’s their mission to transport this vision to clubs.

The music that characterizes HEX goes from techno/ tech minimal till dark trend techno. The lineups they are featuring at events is formed by residents Pøli and Recanism, next to other awesome local artists and those on the international scene, such as Flug, Rick Maya and Dokser among others.

The aim of HEX is to grow and expand their vision beyond Barcelona, reaching out to a larger audience without losing their values and style.

Due to the success of HEX’s debut on October 25th 2014, the brand won the residence on Saturdays from November 22nd in Red Room at Under Club.

On Saturday January 10th, will be held HEX Showcase, an event in two rooms at the Under Club, with international artist Sasha Carassi performing as guest DJ in the main room, whilst HEX residents Pøli and Recanism will also feature.

Italian duo Artslaves, owners of Moan label – which has released Eps from producers including Marco Faraone, Pirupa, Wade, Ramon Tapia and Carassi – will perform as guests at HEX Showcase in Red Room , playing alongside Edvex and Beat Brothers of Foun, as well as Daniela Marques of Putis!

Moreover, we have been informed that HEX will soon be launching its own clothing brand, and at HEX showcase at Under Club, the whole team and a few models – chosen from the same group of followers of the brand – will be wearing HEX clothing to promote the first prototypes.

The HEX clothing line is aimed at an audience that feels identified with the brand according to the values it projects, and who are looking for something different.