HEX Transmission #053 – Joton

Tonight’s guest is synonymous with futuristic, sensitive Techno. I’m talking about Joton, an artist from Spain who’s based on an elegant style and a well-founded artistic criterion, always in constant and restless progression. His sound is industrial, analog and mechanical, through Detroit, Berlin and Birmingham influences. His label ’Newrhytmic’ has been supporting high-octane Techno from many international artists for over 15 years now. Back in 2015, Joton released his first album ‘Casting Out Nine’, placing him in the focus of the global scene. Joton’s touring schedule is always busy, having visited some of the most renowned venues such as Under Club in Buenos Aires, Tresor in Berlin, Rex Club in Paris, Propaganda in Moscow, Domunne in Tokyo and Fabrik in Madrid.
Now, let’s listen to what he has prepared for HEX.

01. Ayasiikuuki
02. Nørbak – Modus Operandi I
03. 30drop – Mathematical Language
04. Roll Dann – The Fist
05. Heiko Laux – German Turbine
06. Pfirter – Asylum
07. Joton – UNRELEASED
08. Blawan – The Narrowing
09. Joton – UNRELEASED
10. Fixon, DJ Saint Pierre _ Viper Pepper
11. Electric Rescue – Cern Research Center
12. Flaminia – Spension of Consciousness (Kwartz Remix)
13. Rumenige – Eka
14. Joton – Sendice
15. VIL – Trap
16. Forward Strategy Group – Far Right
17. Joton – Zeroreux
18. Insolate – Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Jay Clarke Remix)
19. Joton – Institution of Foreign Communication
20. Keikari – Kärsiä
21. Joton – Extreme measures
22. Joton – Develose
23. Joton – UNRELEASED
24. Joton – UNRELEASED
25. Keikari – Uhri