HEX Transmission #056 – Pfirter

Tonight it’s all about a very well known artist showcasing an uplifting, steely and dark Techno sound with a personal touch. DJ, producer and label owner, Pfirter has been shaping the scene in his own way, nurturing new uprising talents and already established acts in the circuit through his label Mindtrip. His debut full-length album ’The Empty Space’, released this year, showed Juan Pablo’s more panoramic view of his sound through records that were not so club-oriented, although still remaining inside of DJs’ crates all around the world.

Electronic music bastions such as Berghain, Concrete, Griessmuehle or Rex have witnessed his skills as a DJ, now let’s hear what he has in store for HEX.

01. Paula Temple – Raging Noise
02. Vohkinne – Unreleased
03. Sstrom – Drench 8
04. Reeko – The Gravedigger And His Bitch
05. Daniel Avery – Diminuendo (Luke Slater Remix)
06. Vatican Shadow – Monotheism And Zarqa
07. Cleric & Kmyle – Vostrax
08. Kike Pravda – Pressure (P.E.A.R.L. Remix)
09. Steve Bicknell – Game Of Existence
10. Cassegrain – Addax
11. Phara – Retrospect
12. Ritzi Lee – Something Behind The Smoke
13. Sebastian Kramer – Stella
14. BR1002 – Remember Your Limits (Exium Remix)
15. P.E.A.R.L. – The Pain of Regret
16. DisX3 – Stigma
17. Sleeparchive – Wood
18. James Bong – Konduktor
19. Ivan Szew – Melian
20. Reeko – Supreme Civilization
21. Dimi Angelis – Titan
22. Kuf – Rock
23. James Bong – Duffer