HEX Transmission #059 – Benjamin Damage

Early rave, jungle, 90’s house and high voltage electronics, all influenced by the masterful UK touch: this is how tonight’s HEX Transmission will sound.

Benjamin Damage is an innovative artist from Wales who’s non-purist approach to Techno produces an energy and emotion rarely found in the scene. A staple at 50Weapons (Modeselektor’s label which set down in 2015), his complex music is what makes him a favourite at the world-renowned clubs and festivals like Berghain, Fabric, Sonar, Movement or Melt!. Now based in Berlin, his powerful live hardware set has caused massive damage all around the world, having recently travelled all around Asia the past April.

After having been at a HEX event in the past, let’s now welcome Benjamin Damage to the HEX Transmission series.

Some of the tracks in the Transmission include productions from AQXDM, Deapmash & Etch, Kamikaze Space Programme, Madame, Shlømo and many more.