HEX Transmission #069 – Cristian Marras

In today’s episode of HEX Transmission, we welcome the Berlin based artist Cristian Marras.

Cristian Marras, apart from being a good friend is an artist who’s been working his way through clubs all over Europe in the past few years, including Alte Munze for Synoid, where a few days ago we both shared a huge 57 hour proper rave weekender.

His style is characterised by driving contemporary Techno, creating raw, fast changing arithmetic sequences, mixing together multiple layers that swing from instrumental soundscapes to hard grooves, often showing Industrial influences.

With the recently launched vinyl and digital label Rebels Conspiracy, Cristian shows no signs of slowing down. He has a South America tour coming up in March visiting Colombia, Peru and Cuba, a debut in Paris at Marvellous Island Festival, together with a show at Macarena Club in Barcelona on February 23rd. On the production side, Cristian has a forthcoming release on Mattia Trani’s label Pushmaster Discs, along with other artists such as 999999999, Blue Hour and Setaoc Mass.

Let’s now listen to what he has prepared for HEX.

01. REMY-X- The Body
02. Ferdinger – Vertigo (Raär Remix)
03. Aleja Sanchez – Cycle Constracture
04- Codex Empire – Aurum Potabile
05. VSK – I Fantasmi A Solte Sanguinano
06. Kander- Insert Emotional Meaning Here
07. No.name – Appearing (Unreleased)
08. OCD – Aquarius
09. Oposition – Astronomical Bodies
10. Phara – True Form
11. In Verruf – Leid
12. Cristian Marras – Race of Sinners (Unreleased)
13. Max Durante – Slave Of A Corrupt System
14. Daniela Haverbeck – Transformacion
15. RVSSIA – Right Now (Unreleased)
16. Wav909 & 7thraw – Hope Comes From Inside
17. Ansome – Choka Blocks
18. Dread – Your Only Hope
19. Varya Karpova & Vanya Koreya – Chemistry
20. Brecc- Worst Enemy
21. Absurd – Infideles & Heretiques
22. PBRM – Into An Altered State

Visual set by Acid Thermal
IG: http://instagram.com/acidthermal/