HEX Transmission #070 – D. Carbone

In today’s HEX Transmission, we welcome the Italian D. Carbone, head of Carbone Records.

Davide Carbone, better known as D. Carbone is an Italian DJ and producer with a broad knowledge of music, proposed by his various aliases that made him collaborations and developing a strong circle of labels.

His sound can be described as Industrial, hard and fast with Acid nuances. Davide is not only active on his own and collaborative imprints like Repitch, Shapednoise or 3TH, but also on others like Mord or Ophism, releasing music and doing shows even with an experimental live aka called Honzo. Currently you can find him under the brutal ‘Executioners’ moniker with Noneoftheabove, which will act in Riverdale Festival this next May. On releases, he’s got an upcoming remix of the legend CJ Bolland, some new originals and contributions to a few VA’s on labels like Scuderia or The Above Records.

With his massive eclecticism, let’s hear what he has in store for HEX.

01. Honzo – Depression Post Mortem
02. D. Carbone – Facing Bullets
03. Keepsakes – Ignorant Irony (UVB Remix)
04. 74185# – Zodd
05. D. Carbone – Raver Killer
06. B2 – Schlaflos
07. D. Carbone – Detroitcore
08. SDBX – Stupid Sucker
09. D. Carbone – Back To The Empire Of Hardcore (14Anger Remix)
10. AnD – Wrong Turns
11. VTSS – Batman Church
12. Unreleased
13. Unreleased
14. Dj Angel Du$t – Unreleased
15. D. Carbone – Back To The Empire Of Hardcore
16. Darkraw – Darkness Prevails
17. D. Carbone & Luciano Lamanna – Acid Rain
18. Gigi DAG – Bla Bla Bla (D. Carbone Edit)
19. Unreleased
20. Dj Promo – Nightfall 

Visual set by Acid Thermal
IG: http://instagram.com/acidthermal/