Live Q&A with SHDW & Obscure Shape in HEX Community

Exclusively for HEX Community, the German duo SHDW & Obscure Shape did a written live Q&A in our official group, in which they answered to questions from members of our community.⁣⁣


FRAN – Have you got any plans on releasing a full album?

We’re working recently a lot on new music and we’re also thinking about working on our first LP soon but there is no certain release date yet. Good things take time!.

ORIOL – Hey! Can you put into words, what you felt last week closing Bassiani?

Playing at Bassiani is always something special. The club itself, the sound system and the vibes are unique, every raver should visit this place at least once in life. It was magical again, still getting goosebumps while thinking of it. FIRE!

KIKE – Your favourite producers?

Function, Nocow, Thomas P. Heckmann, James Ruskin, Shlømo or Loktibrada & Rummenige to name a few…

PATTY – I would like to ask you about your gigs and your performance in clubs. Do you like to feel close to the audience? How do you improve the set? Where do you like to play and when do you feel better?
Thank you so much, peace & music.

It really depends on the club & the crowd. Sometimes you can built a connection from the very first second, sometimes it needs more time to get into it and sometimes you never get it… for sure we always try our best to catch the crowd’s vibes with our music and if we feel they get bored or don’t like it, we try something different to create a great vibe.

Where do you like to play is not easy to answer as there are many places, clubs & festivals where we would like to play. In general, we’d love to play everywhere to make as much as possible experience all over the world..

NATALIA – Who were your mentors/teachers/ idols or people that inspired you in the beginning? How did it all start?

We got the skills from learning by doing. Luigi e.g. had a friend who helped him with the first steps in Ableton. When we met, Luigi introduced me into the production world and I got to know mostly everything. We have a big vinyl collection with a lot of records from the past which inspires us a lot for our productions.

SHDW & Obscure Shape Live Q&A HEX Community Techno

ENEKO – What kind of music do you listen to outside of electronic style? Do you play any instrument? Thanks for the answer!?

We listen to German Rap and Ambient music, and we play drums and synthesizer.

DASHA – First of all, I love what you do and your artistic name! I have several questions about your duo. How did you meet each other, and how did you become a duo?

We met a long time ago in Stuttgart at a party. Afterwards we connected in a chat. But playing together started all in 2014 when we’ve been talking about music, events, the scene etc.. it wasn’t actually planned to become a duo, it was just about making music, but after our first record together everything changed!

PACO – Hi guys! Don’t know if you’ll remember me. I’m one of the Spanish guys from Barcelona who talked to you after your NYD set at MMA a couple of years ago. I think it should be kind of ‘hard’ or ‘weird’ to be rave-techno producers and DJs and to have your residency in Munich, and not in Berlin. How do you manage that? Where do you prefer to play? If you could play only once again in life, would you choose Berghain or MMA? Vielen Dank!

Hope you are doing well. It’s not hard having a residency in Munich instead of Berlin because the scene in Munich is great and more & more people are joining the “rave scene”. It’s even harder to have a great residency in Berlin as compared to Munich because there is way more competition. Here we can educate the people, to create some “special”. None of them, we would prefer playing in Bassiani, Tbilisi.

PETRU – Hey guys! Really cool to reply to our questions here. What inspires you during the creation process? Do you start from ideas, with a message, or just ‘having fun’ with synths and see where it brings you?

It really depends. Sometimes we are inspired by a track, by last night’s show or whatever – so we try to recreate it. And sometimes we are just playing around, using some tools to check the sounds etc., and so we create new sketches & write new tracks. Sometimes we sit in front of the screen and we can’t do anything, it also depends on our mood.

WILL – What’s the craziest place you’ve ever played? (Up to you how you decipher ‘crazy’) What was the moment you were able to go full time in music?

In Kosovo back in 2016 in an old fabric. 1.500 ravers, just a bit of red lights, smoke machines and strobe. Around the fabric a lot of destroyed houses from the war. Crazy feeling, vibes & people. Totally in love with it though!

It’s not about the money, it’s about your dreams and efforts you want to put in it. We got the feeling it was the right time to focus on it, to get the “next step”… you always achieve better results if you focus on one thing and put your whole energy into it. Believe in your dreams and make the best out of it.