HEX is an hybrid sub-society antidote to the modern vacuous mainstream nihilism, that organise trans-humanizing initiatory Techno experiences.

Man is something that should be overcome. Man is a bridge and not an end.

Every night HEX offers a modern initiating trip into a vortex of Techno oscillations and shadowplay which wakes individuals up from the modern silent abyss to the rise of the übermensch. Rejecting familiar values and any religious beliefs we generate from the supernatural darkness our own androgen values: music, freedom, respect, culture, experimentation, blackness.

HEX is a crossroad for different people who share the same musical interest in Techno and positive attitudes on the dance floor. The vertical line of the cross logo represents the music, the soul of HEX, which intersects two horizontal lines that express the absolute principle underlying the universe, the union between the two opposite substances and modalities: man/woman, young/old, holy/profane, gay/straight.

HEX is a multidisciplinary movement formed by art / music / clothing / sculptures / photography / video and much more,

collaborating with the most talented artists from different fields all with the same goal; to express itself in the purest way conceived. The focal point is always the music that acts as the nucleus from which other disciplines vortex around like electrons do.