PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini – Metal Works (Videoclip) on Voxnox Records

“Metal Works” is a 6-minute journey full of metallic, industrial sounds and imagery, released as part of the VA “Serpent Series Vol. II” from Voxnox Records.


Metal. Metal. More metal. Build to advance. Build to keep growing. But also build to destroy. And destroy to build again. This is how the metal circuit plays in the day-to-day of the human being. To melt it, to forge it, to create it, to assemble it, to transport it, to use it… to end up destroying it.

Self-destruction doesn’t matter. Only the freneticism of the human being to build and destroy so that the eternal cycle lasts forever. A circular circuit, whose starting and ending points are always the same. Time after time. Without exception. PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini found in it the inspiration to create new music using modular circuits. They found in this vicious loop the crudity, acidity and violence they gave to “Metal Works”, to impregnate it with a rough and rave sound. Metal. Able to star in great milestones, but also able to provoke the darkest days for Humanity. It will always come back. It will always be rebuilt. Again and again. But music will stay for ever, eternal, immortal.

Videoclip edited by Acid Thermal

Here are some pictures from the shooting of the videoclip in Barcelona, taken by Oriol Reverter.