Report: Brunch-In the Park – 02 09 2018

Barcelona daytime party series Brunch-In The Park, usually reserved to other spectrums of electronic music outside of Techno, on September 2nd decided to welcome a good bunch of acts from the industry and an army of Techno warriors, avid to dance to the merciless beats under a shining sun.

“There is something unique about playing during the day, it really brings out so much energy from my inner self and from the crowd as well” said Lorenzo, co-founder of HEX Barcelona, who played along with PØLI, the other soul of the movement. During 6 hours, the b2b went from opening with ambient tracks to the hardest and industrial sounds in an unforgettable journey through all the corners of Techno.

Meanwhile, Âme brought his trademark sounds to the Main Stage, while Ellen Allien spiced things up with a very acid set just after the Innervisions head honcho. Prowling in the back, ‘The Wizard’ Jeff Mills was getting ready. His spatial techno infected the Jardins de Joan Brossa, with the always impressive Roland TR-909 routines that create a tension we’ll never get tired of.

The Green Stage was home for HEX Showcase from 16 to 22, and the dance floor, all surrounded by green containers, was always well filled with ravers (considering legends like Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien or Âme were at the main stage downstairs). It is always incredible to see so many supporters and familiar faces from start to finish.

After filling the stomachs and resting the bodies for a couple of hours, the official after party from Brunch at Nitsa Club in Apolo (one of the most emblematic venues of the city) kept the Techno marathon going at the famous La 2 of Apolo, a big and dark room with a low roof, perfectly fitting the ravey sounds.

Ellen Allien delivered a set full of acid and 90’s-like sounds, which the public loved, watching Ellen play is always a pleasure, her infectious moves behind the booth made everyone fall in love, you can really feel her love for the music. The HEX founders, Lorenzo and PØLI were in charge of finishing things up, and well, what a closing. The duo didn’t take any prisoners and turned the room upside down with pounding, relentless Techno, taking away all the energies left in the crowd. The song heard on the last fragment of the video below is called ‘The Last Station’, one of the tracks from their first EP out soon on HEX Recordings. What a way to put an end to the marathon.

Massive thank you Brunch- In The Park Barcelona and Nitsa Club.

Text by Fran Escudero
Photos by Oriol Reverter