Report: CODE 133 – 23022019

14 hours of music from over 30 international artists, throughout 4 rooms. This is what CODE offered to the Madrid club scene last Saturday the 23rd of February.

Kicking off the night at 22 and with a packed Main Room, Paul Kalkbrenner’s 2-hour live show set the perfect tone for the night. Surrounded by various cameras that offered a closer look into his ‘Parts Of Life’ live set through a massive LED screen right behind him, the German legend proved, yet again, why he’s one of the most respected artists of the industry: his mix of classic vocal tracks like “Feed Your Head” or “Sky and Sand” with some heavier clubby ones such as “Mothertrucker” have an unique ability to unite all sorts of fans from all corners of the electronic music spectrum.

Meanwhile in the Club Area, the Japanese Techno mainstay Ken Ishii showed his dynamic mixing skills, offering a highly enjoyable set.

Ben Sim’s Machine party series took over the Satelite Room during the event, with a bunch of both on-the-rise acts and true Techno icons. There, the Madrid native Psyk showed an outstanding elegance. Beside him, Cadans was setting up his live show. Armed with a few analog machines, during 60 minutes he was the perfect warm up for the Machine head honcho Ben Sims. For this occasion, he partnered up with fellow Truncate, appearing as Assailants.

In the Club Area, Raffaele Attanasio increased the BPM counter with tracks like his very own “Lust” who caused an absolute mayhem among the ravers. From that point on, the room offered a hard-to-match list of artists. After him, the Token family member Inigo Kennedy went on a memorable b2b with Pär Grindvik, who both proved great chemistry on the decks.

From all the closing sets, Ø [Phase] offered arguably the best performance of the night, a truly memorable session.

Barely drifting away from the 137 BPM mark and making a wizard-like use of the RMX-1000, the British genius transported us into an altered state of mind. High pitched frequencies paired with relentless, chest-rattling low ends filled the room during the first 45 minutes or so, when he moved into more melodic territories with epic, euphoric build ups of tracks like Stef Mendesidis’ “Senzo”, which shed a bit of light after absolute darkness, only to go back to the mind-bending, gloomy tracks that he is known for. All with not one single kick out of match.

Thank you CODE, its creators Nuke and Cesar Almena, and Fabrik Madrid for this great event, see you soon.

Text by Fran Escudero
Photos by Fabrik Madrid