Report: HEX pres Ben Sims at Input – 07 09 2018

After 3 months of being away from INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club, HEX returned to its home with an stellar guest: Ben Sims. Powered by a perfectly distributed stack of brain-melting Funktion-One speakers, INPUT is the gateway to an unparalleled sound experience in Barcelona, and with its black walls and industrial-looking ceilings, it is the perfect place for a night filled with the most rave Techno.

The club’s resident, Hitch, opened the night with ambient and breakbeat sounds, moving towards ‘lighter’ beats, while still throwing some bombs to get the crowd warmed up for what was yet to come.

With the club already filled up nicely at 1:30, Lorenzo, one of the souls of the movement, took over the booth. A powerful set charged with many different styles but coherent at the same time: from industrial, to Dub, to the raviest tracks and even a couple of EBM tracks that gained an incredible reaction from the public.

The UK techno mainstay Ben Sims, after destroying INPUT at the brand’s 2nd anniversary, came back with a bag filled of A-game records. His fast mixing style always delivers, and this time it was not an exception. He went from the most hypnotic and strong Techno to more ‘festive’ tunes, always maintaining his trademark energy.

After the mayhem caused by the legend with the beret, the other half of the brand, PØLI, closed off the night in the most radical way. Not one single moment to rest was given, keeping the BPM’s over 132 at all times and sending the crowd into a frenzy throughout the whole duration of the 90 minute set.

Lights were turned on that was it, the night was, unfortunately, already over. Nights at INPUT always feel kind of short, the crowd always asks for more.

Thank you Ben, Input and all the ravers that came.
See you at the next one with Paula Temple.

Text by Fran Escudero
Videos by Nel G