Report: Voltage Festival, Belgium 2018

Located in the Belgian small town of Zwevegem, Voltage Festival takes place in an abandoned coal-fired power plant that’s now a used for public leisure and entertainment.

All 3 stages contained metallic, industrial-looking structures, a perfect setting for the acid, ravey and Techno sounds presented by the artists. The look of the resting areas were along the same lines as the stages, with barrels where you could sit on and take a well-deserved rest from the relentless beats.

The names found on the bill included a good bunch of the most talented acts in the techno and acid scene, some of which are already part of HEX. We have to admit the quality of the unique B2B’s seen there was extremely good, they all delivered unreal sets.

To kick off Saturday, we started with the Scottish and legendary duo Slam, which were ripping away the early ravers at the Anode stage with one bomb after the other. Amotik followed a more melodic tone, but kept the intensity levels up at all times.

SHDW & Obscure Shape made everybody vibrate with their pounding but limber Techno, and the closing of the Turbine stage, ran by Speedy J, was a ravey trip perfect to close off the day.

On Sunday, after getting a bit of rest, the talented Remco Beekwilder and Stranger were delivering a brutal set, with punchy tracks, loving every single bit of it.

We then turned into acid mode for two Italian duos: Boston 168 and the always mysterious 999999999.

Boston 168 made us vibrate to their most popular tracks, like Terror Acid or Oblivion. 999999999, who delivered an impressive performance, also showed why they’re at the top of their game right now.

Rounding up the Turbine stage you could find MPIA3 (which was called Acid Future that day, due to its lineup filled with some of the best crafters of the current acid sound).

Outside, Perc and Ansome were the ones in charge of closing Voltage, and they didn’t disappoint. Towards the last bit of their B2B, a very special guest came into the booth: the uprising talent Tommy Four Seven. A surprise b2b2b that was the perfect way to put an end to a weekend full of the finest Techno and Acid Techno.

Thank you Voltage Festival, it was a pleasure and see you at the next one.

Text by Fran Escudero
Photos by Oriol Reverter