Talks: Q&A with Kwartz after HEX Showcase at Shine (Madrid)

On the brand’s first showcase in the Spanish capital, we caught up with the Madrid native Kwartz for a little chat after his incredible set, closing the event from 8:30am until 12pm (noon). With a tired but thrilled face on all of us, we chatted with him about new plans on his label Order & Devotion, his recent Asian tour, and much more.

In the past year, we’ve seen you getting a considerably higher evolution of your product as a DJ, how do you feel about it and what do you think is the reason behind it?

I believe this is simply due to the fact that outside of Spain there’s a larger interest in the movement and its culture than what can be generally found here.

You’ve recently been touring through China and South Korea, how was the experience of playing in front of non-occidental crowds?

It’s been an unreal experience to be able to play in such a distant place, to such a different crowd… for me it was a little challenge, I didn’t really know how they were going to react, but it turned out to be amazing. It’s surely been a big opportunity to open one more door outside of Europe.

Playing or producing?

Tough one, they both equally important for me. You can create quality pieces, but if afterwards you don’t know how to make the dancefloor move, it’s going to be really hard to win a spot in people’s hearts. I think both require a massive amount of time and effort in order to be good at them. Personally, it’s a fifty-fifty for me.

What releases on O&D have you got in store?

I’m still standing firm on the idea of releasing music from artists that aren’t very well known right now but make very good tracks and have a bright future. The next release will be out in a few months and is from a very good friend of mine. He’s never put out a track and I’m working with him on preparing a good bunch of projects.

How do you feel after this HEX, on its first showcase in Madrid?

I honestly could not have asked for more, closing the event at one my favorite clubs in Madrid, with my friends and an outstanding sound. The three and a half hours flew by and I wished I could have kept going!

Thank you Mario, always a pleasure to have you with us.

Interview by: Patty Angulo
Translation by: Fran Escudero