Founded in 2014 by PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini, 
HEX is an independent Techno movement formed by music, art, clothing, photography and video; a crossroad for different people who share the same interest in music and alternative expressions of art. A safe space to express and be, without boundaries.

The vertical line of the cross represents Techno, the soul of HEX, responsible of unifying different cultures (the two horizontal parallel lines), leaving aside any cultural discrepancy or political oppression, and making them sweat the hell out on the dance floor. An eternal moment of empathy and harmony between ravers.

The two Italian artists are the mind behind the movement. After meeting each other for the first time in Barcelona, they decided to introduce the concept in the city, with the aim of contributing to the local and global Techno scene, unifying them under the cross.

From that day on, HEX has become part of many people’s lives, representing an escape from social prejudices and imposed limitations. An experience established for its coherency as a free art expression.

In 2019 the eponymous label HEX Recordings was launched, to represent trough vinyl&digital releases the Post-Apocalyptic sound of the movement.

“And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.